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How I Can Help You

Sometimes getting to that place where you no longer feel frustrated or worn out, can feel unobtainable. That's where coaching supports and helps you. 

You don't have to stay stuck. There is a way to grow and flourish. You can build success on your terms and enhance all areas of your life where you work to LIVE, not live to work.

And if you or others ask the question ‘is this all there is?’ You can answer with a resounding 'No! There’s so much more!'

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For Individuals

Handle uncertainty, reduce stress, and become more engaged & connected with up to 12 sessions of 1 on 1 personal development and wellbeing coaching.

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For Groups

Handle uncertainty, reduce stress, and become more engaged & connected with up to 12 sessions of personal development and wellbeing strategies for groups of up to 10.

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EDISC ® Profiling

Discover what is holding you back and unlock the tools to achieve your goals through a comprehensive, 90-minute EDISC® session.



Self-Leadership, Mindset & Wellbeing Coaching

What are you doing today to be the person you want to be tomorrow?

- Suzanne Duncan

Christine B., NSW, Australia.

Every time I meet with Suzanne, I come away feeling empowered.

Suzanne has an innate ability to clearly see what the key issues are and then create prioritised, achievable goals to solving them, in a practical way.

Sue S., Victoria, Australia.

I can’t thank Suzanne enough for her wise, caring and highly professional support.
I recommend Suzanne to anyone who is wanting a shift in their mindset to move them forward.

be the change you want to see in your life

  • Gain greater clarity and focus

  • Build stronger interpersonal relationships

  • Discover renewed purpose and motivation

  • Master the art of effective communication

  • Experience fulfilment in all areas of your life

  • Develop sustainable life skills and insight

  • Navigate uncertainty with ease

  • Reignite your passions



Suzanne is passionate about helping small business professionals lead more empowered, motivated, and inspired lives by creating environments of success through self-leadership, emotional and mindset fitness, and wellbeing.

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